Thursday, November 27, 2008


I met you once in my past
And since then in my mind, you last
I was confused then I sigh
And I ask myself, why?
You are my friend I know
But why I take it so slow?
I know you have someone in your heart and mind
But why I was hurting inside?
You're still in my dreams at night
And at day, you're also in my sight
Sometimes I asked myself, am I crazy?
When it comes to you, why I am acting this way?

My Feelings

Everytime I see you
It make me out of the blue
You're smile is all I can see
And you're laughter makes me feel happy.

I think about this feeling
Eventhough I am sleeping
And why does it blast?
That made my day last.

Sometimes when I don't see you
I feel sad and you haven't knew
That if you are near to me
I'm so glad and erases my worry.

I don't know why this feeling grows
In my heart and no one knows
But I think you are the one thing
That helps my heart and keep me blooming.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks be to GOD

Thanks be to GOD
For giving a man like you
Who inspires me in everything I do
And even makes me laugh whenever I'm blue.

Thanks be to GOD
For the memories that you gave me
That serenades the deepest part of my heart
Everytime I think this part.

Thanks be to GOD
If many times I am missing you
For it makes me realized
How much I care and love you.

Fallen' for You

The moment I saw you
My heart felt something unknown
You're smile was so cute
And that's the first about you I thought.

When you came to met me
My heart tumbled and my hands are shaking
Then when you ask my name with a smile
I can't deny myself and I can't lie,
"I was fallen' for you in no time.

When you held you're hands to me
I accept it without a doubt inside of me
I felt a thousand volts running from you're hands to mine
And I know that it was a sign,
"I've finally fallen' for you" in no time.

You're nicer than I imagine
You're not boastful and not so mean
You makes me laugh with you're simple jokes
Aside from admitting that you have a gorgeous look.

Thank You

Since then you are at my side
Giving me courage to survive
You erases my fears away
"It's OK, baby" you always say.

Even though I'm hard-headed sometimes
You are still there for me and giving me you're advice
You've sacrificed so much for me, I know
If only I can erased all your sorrows.

You gave me your love without limitationsY
ou help me tackle the right direction
How I wish I can repay you
For all the things you've done for me that's so true.

I want to thank you for everything
For the love and for all the countless things
How lucky I am, I know
For giving me a PARENTS like you.

How could it be without love?

New born child i see
No one cares anf i really got worry
Oh, mother where is thy love?
Cherish this child you only have.

As I walk along the street
I saw a weak man nothing to eat
He's not only a needy of food
But also a needy of love anf I wish I could.

How could it be without love?
Always remember that the man above
Teaches His people not to be bad,
Not to be naughty,isn't it mad?